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"Expedite Renewable Energy" - Vote to Engage your Politicians!

  • Sen, OR
    Ron Wyden

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  • Sen, OR
    Jeff Merkley

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  • Rep, OR
    Suzanne Bonamici

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  • Rep, OR
    Earl Blumenauer

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  • Expedite Renewable Energy

    Started by Vladimir in Manning, OR

    To: Sen Ron Wyden, Sen Jeff Merkley, Rep Suzanne Bonamici, Rep Earl Blumenauer

    I WANT CONGRESS TO PASS A RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICY THAT: -Mandates an aggressive RES (renewable electricity standard) -Sets a limit and tax on greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide -Provides incentives to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects -Modernizes the electrical grid -Provides market certainty to accelerate investment in renewable energy -Encourages distributed generation to help localize energy generation -Defines renewable as non-combustion sources of energy -Puts Americans back to work by creating green jobs and a sustainable economy Makes the U.S. a leader in fighting climate change and global warming -Puts the health of people and the planet before corporate profits

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