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"Need Gun Control Laws" - Vote to Engage your Politicians!

  • Sen, OR
    Ron Wyden

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  • Sen, OR
    Jeff Merkley

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  • Rep, OR
    Earl Blumenauer

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  • Rep, OR
    Suzanne Bonamici

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  • Rep, OR
    Kurt Schrader

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  • Need Gun Control Laws

    Started by Andrew in Portland, OR

    To: Sen Ron Wyden, Sen Jeff Merkley, Rep Earl Blumenauer, Rep Suzanne Bonamici, Rep Kurt Schrader

    In light of the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, and the hundreds of deaths at the hands of guns that occur in the United States each year, we are urging you to take a stand in favor of increased gun control. For decades, gun advocates have argued that the second amendment grants them the right to own guns. But, what about the rights of the twelve people murdered in a Colorado movie theater, or the 5 students shot at Chardon High School in Ohio, or the hundreds of Americans who die on the streets of our cities, in our communities every day? What about the right to life? We have seen the consequences of liberal gun control laws over and over again. It is a demonstrated fact that states like Massachusetts that have stricter gun laws have fewer gun-related deaths. On the other hand, states like Arizona, where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in broad daylight in January of last year, do far too little to control gun ownership and produce the fifth highest number of firearm related deaths in the nation. How many innocent Americans must die before we take action to fix America's gun violence problem? Mayor Bloomberg of New York, U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy, and Senator Frank Lautenberg have all taken a stand in favor of increased gun control. It is time that Congress as a whole takes real action on the issue of gun violence in this country. That includes stricter gun laws and greater respect for everyone's right to live in a country without fear.

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