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"Petition to Repeal Obamacare" - Vote to Engage your Politicians!

  • Sen, OR
    Ron Wyden

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  • Sen, OR
    Jeff Merkley

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  • Rep, OR
    Greg Walden

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  • Rep, OR
    Suzanne Bonamici

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  • Petition to Repeal Obamacare

    Started by Carla in Tygh Valley, OR

    To: Sen Ron Wyden, Sen Jeff Merkley, Rep Greg Walden, Rep Suzanne Bonamici

    Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, Whereas, the majority of Americans rejected passage of national healthcare legislation as embodied in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and; Congress enacted this law over the objections and the will of the American people and; the United States of America is a country founded on the idea that the American people will be faithfully represented by elected officials, and; the American people have legitimate grievances with both the process that led to enactment of this law and the substance of the law, and; this law will cause harm to the national economy by adding the cost of new healthcare coverage for the uninsured as a new taxpayer responsibility and; this law will cause harm to the healthcare of America’s elderly population through Medicare cuts designed to offset higher costs in this law and; individual health insurance costs will rise dramatically despite repeated assertions to the contrary by Congressional leaders and the President and; the American people were misled about the increased cost of private health insurance, higher taxes and added debt to the federal budget that are a result of passage of this law and reject the rationing of healthcare by government or the intrusion by government into the doctor patient relationship and: we reject this unprecedented intrusion by the federal government into the American healthcare system and our personal lives, be it now therefore resoLved that we, the undersigned, demand the immediate repeaL of the patient protection and affordabLe care act and further, that this act be repeaLed in its entirety by congress without deLay, excuses or prevarication.

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