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"Replace streetlights with LED's." - Vote to Engage your Politicians!

  • Commissioner, OR
    Dan Saltzman

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  • Commissioner, OR
    Steve Novick

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  • Commissioner, OR
    Nick Fish

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  • Mayor, OR
    Charlie Hales

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  • Commissioner, OR
    Amanda Fritz

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  • Replace streetlights with LED's.

    Started by Harry in Portland, OR

    To: Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Commissioner Steve Novick, Commissioner Nick Fish, Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Amanda Fritz

    Please replace public street lights owned by the city of Portland with LEDS. These lights will save the city of Portland 20% of their power consumption. These lights will also reduce the amount of maintenance for city maintained lights. The lights last for 15 or more years and will pay retrofit off within 7 years. The lights create natural light which has been shown to lower crime and provide a comfortable environment for the public at night.

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