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"Stop killing Oregon wolves." - Vote to Engage your Politicians!

  • Sen, OR
    Jeff Merkley

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  • Sen, OR
    Ron Wyden

    3 Constituent Requests
  • Rep, OR
    Earl Blumenauer

    1 Constituent Requests
  • Rep, OR
    Suzanne Bonamici

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  • Stop killing Oregon wolves.

    Started by Kate in Portland, OR

    To: Sen Jeff Merkley, Sen Ron Wyden, Rep Earl Blumenauer, Rep Suzanne Bonamici

    In reponse to special interest political pressure from a small group of vocal anti-wolf activists - along with livestock industry lobbyists and their political allies - the state of Oregon has issued landowner kill permits, and actively kills wolves. After a nearly 60-year absence, Oregon's wolves have taken their first tentative steps towards recovery. These special interest groups are putting wolf recovery in Oregon at risk again, ignoring conservation, education, and research requirements of the state's already weak wolf conservation plan. We ask that Oregon's elected officials stand for wildlife and stop the killing and start focusing on conservation.

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