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"Stop Toxic emissions from industrial sources." - Vote to Engage your Politicians!

  • Sen, OR
    Ron Wyden

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  • Stop Toxic emissions from industrial sources.

    Started by thomas in Beaverton, OR

    To: Sen Ron Wyden

    A 2009 study found Oregon to be among the top five states with the highest percentage of residents living with asthma. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality data shows that the closer you live to a large source of regulated air pollution the higher the risk of cancer and other disease related to industrial air emissions. But so far the state has left communities on their own to work out Good Neighbor Agreements to address the problems that regulators won't. We can't protect our children through time-consuming advocacy directed at one polluter at a time -- not when the Portland Metro region alone is home to hundreds of industrial facilities. We are counting on our Governor and state representatives to better protect Oregon’s children from the toxic emissions emitted daily by industrial polluters into the air our children breathe. Our petition asks: When sources of toxic pollution apply for a new or renewal air pollution permit, the state should require them to provide a robust, independent and objective audit of emissions and emission control strategies. Based on that audit, the source should be required to propose and implement specific toxics reduction strategies.

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